Asphalt Repair

Need to fix a parking lot or roadway in the Greenville, SC area? Trust Sealtite Asphalt’s repair services!

South Carolina property owners should turn to Sealtite Asphalt for their pavement repair needs due to our proven track record of excellence and tailored solutions. Our extensive paving industry experience makes us understand the South Carolina climate’s unique challenges.

Our Quality Asphalt Repair Services

Whether it’s addressing cracks, potholes, or other issues, our team has the knowledge and expertise to provide effective and lasting repairs.

  • Issue: Gray Pavement Solution: Sealcoating

    Oxidation causes asphalt to fade and turn gray, primarily affecting older surfaces. As bitumen evaporates over time due to sun exposure, the aggregates are left behind, leading to fading and a brittle texture.

    Safeguard it from further damage by applying a protective layer of sealcoating. This process enhances the pavement’s visual appeal and acts as a barrier against the elements. By forming a protective film, sealcoating prevents moisture from penetrating the foundation and causing deterioration.

  • Issue: Surface Damage Solution: Crack Filling

    When unsealed pavement absorbs moisture, it becomes vulnerable. During freezing temperatures, trapped moisture expands, weakening the foundation and causing surface fractures. Untreated cracks expand, evolving into potholes.

    Combat these issues by promptly addressing cracks. Our crack filling services offer effective solutions to prevent moisture infiltration and safeguard your pavement against deterioration, ensuring its longevity and structural integrity.

  • Issue: Potholes & Depressions Solution: Asphalt Patching

    Neglected cracks and potholes can escalate into extensive damage, particularly in high-traffic zones like parking lots. The consistent weight of heavy vehicles and regular traffic can lead to depressions and aggregate loss, rendering crack-filling ineffective.

    For more substantial damage, we employ a more intensive asphalt repair approach. The damaged section is cut out using a pavement saw, and then a pothole repair patch is poured and compacted until level with the pavement. This meticulous process ensures a durable repair.

  • Issue: Crumbling Asphalt Solution: Resurfacing

    To address crumbling paved surfaces, we offer various resurfacing options tailored to your specific needs. Our services include overlays, reclamation, and repaving, all of which contribute to renewing the integrity and appearance of your pavement.

Sealtite Asphalt: Repair Contractors in Upstate South Carolina

We prioritize quality workmanship and utilize the latest techniques and materials to ensure that repairs not only fix the immediate problem but also contribute to the long-term durability of the pavement.

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