Parking Lot Striping


Are visitors having trouble parking on your commercial lot? Sealtite Asphalt is the local paving company to call!

As paint fades over time due to weather, traffic, and wear, investing in routine parking lot striping services helps maintain an organized and aesthetically pleasing facility, ultimately improving the experience for everyone who uses it. At Sealtite Asphalt, we’ve been helping South Carolina businesses maintain their paved areas since 1985, and we’ve developed efficient, cost-effective services that can tip your parking area into tip-top shape!

Parking Lot Striping: Breathe New Life into Your Property’s Appearance

Clear and visible markings not only enhance the appearance of your lot but also promote a positive impression among visitors. Regular pavement maintenance contributes to a safer environment by preventing confusion, reducing the risk of accidents, and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Do I need a restripe on my lot?

Determining the need for a restripe on your parking lot involves assessing various factors, such as faded or barely visible pavement markings, confusion among drivers about spaces or traffic directions, and increased accidents.

Regular inspections of your commercial asphalt pavement and a proactive approach to maintenance will help you maintain a safe, organized, visually appealing environment.

Our Line Striping Process

Here’s how the Sealtite Asphalt team could improve your paved area. (Note: Depending on circumstances, the process can vary.)

  • Assessment: Evaluate the current condition of the pavement and identify areas that require restriping.
  • Design and Layout: Plan the layout of spaces, handicap stalls, arrows, crosswalks, and other necessary markings.
  • Surface Preparation: Clean the surface to remove dirt, debris, and loose paint.
  • Masking and Taping: Use masking tape or stencils to mark the desired lines and symbols on the pavement.
  • Application: Use specialized striping equipment to apply the paint evenly and accurately according to the layout plan and apply reflective elements for added visibility.
  • Drying & Cleanup: Allow the paint to dry and cure for the recommended duration, then remove any masking tape or stencils.
  • Quality Check: Inspect the newly striped area for accuracy, clarity, and regulation adherence.
  • Reopening: Reopen the lot for regular use once the paint is completely dry.

Sealtite Asphalt: Your Greenville, SC Parking Lot Experts

If you’ve noticed sloppy parking or other problems with your pavement, consider seal coating and line striping services from your experienced commercial paving partner.

Contact us for a thorough parking lot inspection and a detailed estimate of our line striping and sealcoating services.

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