Asphalt Overlays

One of the most beneficial pavement repair methods is asphalt overlay, but most South Carolina property owners don’t understand what it is or how it can improve their property. In Greenville, SC, Sealtite Asphalt is the local paving company that property owners trust to install and repair their pavement, and we’re also experts in overlays.

Asphalt Overlays: A Cost-Effective Parking Lot Renewal Method

Discover how this repair approach can save property owners time, money, and hassle while delivering a fresh, attractive pavement surface that enhances aesthetics and functionality.

  • The Overlay Process

    • Surface Preparation: Before starting the overlay process, the existing pavement is thoroughly cleaned, and any significant cracks or potholes are addressed.
    • Tack Coat: A thin tack coat is applied to the existing pavement to create a strong bond between the old and new layers.
    • Overlay Asphalt: A new layer is spread over the entire area and compacted with heavy rollers, rejuvenating the surface and restoring its functionality.
    • Grading: The paved surface is carefully graded to achieve a smooth and even texture, enhancing the appearance and functionality of the pavement.
    • Curing: The freshly laid asphalt overlay is allowed to cure and reach its optimal strength and resilience before being opened to vehicle traffic.
    • Final Inspection: A comprehensive inspection ensures the overlay meets quality standards, adheres to specifications, and provides a durable and safe paved surface.
  • Overlay vs Sealcoating

    In essence, overlays are a more comprehensive solution for damaged paved areas, while sealcoating is a preventive measure to maintain and protect the surface. The choice between these methods depends on your pavement’s condition and specific needs. If you need help determining which option is best for your situation, consult with our repair experts!

  • For quality overlays in Greenville, SC, Sealtite Asphalt is your trusted paving partner!

    With a proven track record of excellence, our team brings decades of experience and expertise to every project. Our commitment to using top-tier materials, advanced techniques, and a customer-centric approach sets us apart in the industry. When you choose Sealtite Asphalt, you’re choosing a partner who prioritizes your parking lot’s longevity, appearance, and functionality.

Trust us to transform your pavement with overlays that exceed expectations. Contact us today!

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