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Since 1985, Sealtite Asphalt is the paving company you can rely upon in Spartanburg, SC because we are a family-owned and operated business that believes strongly in never cutting corners and being thorough in every stage of our paving work. We’ve served South Carolina with thorough experience in asphalt patching, parking lot installation, driveway paving, crack filling, and more. Our family values translate into all the work we do, our integrity always leading us to do what we promised in every paving project we embark upon. You can count on us for all your paving needs, maintenance or otherwise, so call us today!



With over 38 years of experience in paving, we are the experts when it comes to asphalt.

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Revamp Your Paved Surfaces: Asphalt Resurfacing in Spartanburg, SC

One of the most beautiful cities of South Caroline, Spartanburg is a city in and the seat of Spartnburg County. Over 38,000 people live in this city, making it the 11th-most populous city in the entire state. It is part of a 10-county region of northwestern South Carolina known to the general public as “The Upstate”.

The area of Spartanburg is defined by textile manufacturing, over 40 mills being established throughout the early 1900s. The military became extremely important during World War I, Camp Wadsworth being used to train over 100,000 soldiers specifically for that war and then again during World War II. The training facility was transferred to the state and turned into Croft State Park.

The area is a lush wonderful place, full of trails and places to visit for the casual visitor and the tourist alike. Cottonwood Trail is one of the most lovely of trails to walk, located in the Edwin M. Griffin Nature Preserve, featuring all of the natural flora and fauna of the region. Hampton Heights Historic District is one of the best maintained historic districts in all of South Carolina, a downtown neighborhood always worth a glance. Hatch Garden and Woodland Preserve is one of the best preserves situated inside of an urban environment, featuring a haven for birds, thick woods, and a thriving flower garden.

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