Crack Filling

Got cracks on your parking lot? Gray, flaking pavement?

South Carolina commercial property owners should swiftly reach out to Sealtite Asphalt for crack filling services when spotting damages in their parking lots and other paved areas. Our expert paving team specializes in efficient and thorough crack repairs, preventing further deterioration and costly future repair services.

Crack Filling FAQ for South Carolina Business Owners

Over our decades of service to the Greenville, SC, area, we’ve made relationships with local property managers and businesses, and we’re glad to share our asphalt expertise. Here are some of your most common questions about pavement damage and our answers.

  • When and how often is this service necessary?Regular crack repair services help maintain the pavement’s optimal condition. For best results, get this service at least once a year as part of routine maintenance.
  • Are all types of gaps suitable for filling?No, only straight-line cracks can be filled using our asphalt repair methods. Alligator cracks, indicating subgrade damage, require different steps like resurfacing to correct.
  • Why might damage reappear?Freeze-thaw cycles can cause cracks to reopen, especially in severe weather. Although designed for moderate temperature fluctuations, crack filling remains an annual maintenance need.
  • How is filler applied?Asphalt fillers are applied hot, squeegeed into cracks, and expanded during curing. It remains flexible, accommodating the pavement’s thermal expansion.
  • How can I prevent cracks in my pavement?Regular inspections and maintenance, including crack filling and sealcoating, prevent minor issues from escalating. Diligent asphalt pavement inspections also catch these issues early so that they can be corrected.

Commercial Crack Repair Experts in Greenville, SC: Sealtite Asphalt

Since 1985, we’ve been helping business owners and property managers in upstate South Carolina improve their parking lots, roads, and commercial paved areas with superior repair services. Our track record of excellence in pavement repair ensures durable results that enhance safety, aesthetics, and overall property value.

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